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The Abhaile Project Branding

The Abhaile Project, a not-for-profit housing enterprise, needed a confident and modern logo. It is a new owner-occupied housing scheme that adapts family-sized homes to meet the needs of aging residents and create new rental units at the same time. It enables homeowners to remain in their own home as they age and to provides additional rental capacity using existing housing stock. It also serves to promote social interaction, community regeneration and reduces isolation. 

A strong, simple and positive logo was required that spoke to all generations. The Abhaile Project needed to convey a sense of clarity, trust, practicality and support. Echoing The Abhaile Project’s process, the visual metaphor of origami felt like the ideal fit for the remaking and remodelling of a family home. The final logo references the physical transformation and regeneration of a home alongside the meaningful social impact it can have on the individual as well as the broader community. 

January 2017

Design | Art Direction

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